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Master CC List of Greatness and the Policy of Terrifying Doom (Just the Faqs, Ma'am)

Policy (as of 3 May, 2011 C. E.)
1.)  You are allowed to edit, in any way, any custom content that I post, with or without permission (but with credit), and post such new content to any site or forum, provided that said site has content that is 100% free and available to all.  Think of it as being distributed under a GNU Copyleft Creative Commons Share & Share Alike License. 

What does that mean?  It means that if I created an original texture or mesh, you may use said texture or mesh to your hearts content (chop up, rearrange, mangle, split, multiply, mince, dice, julienne, blend or otherwise void warranty of) ONLY UNDER CONDITION OF using said content and textures on FREE SITES ONLY.

2.a.)  Free sites are not defined as any site that has any content for "donation only", "donation gifts", or "subscription content".  I am quite opposed to these sites, they annoy me, and there are better ways to spend your money anyhow.  This includes TSR and like sites.  Yes, this means you.  I would also ask that you throw me a link sometime, so I can oggle and pet whatever you put up.  I like to do that. 

2.b.)  No SimAntics, either.  Mulsow has cooties. 

3.)  Sims may be used as extras in stories or movies, as legacy founders or townies. Please don't enter them in contests of any kind.  If you alter them, you still need to give credit (mostly because I like to see just how different people make them). 

4.)  You may not under any circumstances post my unedited content for pay or donation anywhere. If you guys start doing this, I'm going to take my toys and find another sandbox. Don't ruin playtime for everyone.

5.)  Remember your manners and be polite, and the world will open itself to you.  Eat more soy.  Adopt from your local animal shelter.  Don't forget to recycle.  Live well, laugh often, love much.  Keep it fun, keep it free!

Custom Content Master List
New Stuff!
TBA--Check the journal!

GoS Stuff, Available on DropBox!
**GoS Links are available for visual reference only. The links posted in those don't work anymore.

HATE!! 12 Streaked Colours of Rose Mesh #99 (GoS Preview!)


3 Sets of Makeup For Either Gender (GoS Preview!)
Streets of Cairo (Eyeliner)
Aisha (Black) (Eyeshadow)
Aisha (Colour) (Eyeshadow)
Drinking Student w/ a College Problem (Lipstick)

Neon Gelydh Dresses on AL Wedges - 6 Sets, TF/YAF/AF (GoS Preview!)
Y/AF Black/Neon Lace
Y/AF Neon/Black Lace
Y/AF Neon
TF Black/Neon Lace
TF Neon/Black Lace
TF Neon

Really Old and Crappy Stuff From MTS2!
---If anyone is actually interested in these, drop me a line.

Frequently Assumed Questions
1. What do those symbols at the top mean? 
Easiest way to answer this is to direct you to look them up yourself.

2. What's with all the song titles?
Well, simply put, I like music.  Often, I will hear a song and think that it has some amusing lyrics and whatnot, and I will make it the title of a download.  It's something I got into a while back, and it's not likely to stop.

3. You have shit taste in music then.
So do you.

4. That's not nice!

5. What are you working on right now?
About thirty different things, usually. If I like where it's going, I may post a preview. If not, It just goes in the bin.

6. Hey, can you make me a ____, or remix a ____, or mesh a ____ for me?!?!?!?
Maybe, maybe, and ....maybe.  I don't take requests (unless its a colour for something I'm already working on), but I do take suggstions.  If I have time, I may even complete some.  I only recently started learning this meshing thing, so you may want to ask someone else for that. It will probably get done faster.

7. Can I upload a Sim with your CC?!?!
Sure thing, just don't change the file names.  It's not out of vanity, it's just to make sure people don't have duplicates.  I hate unnecessarily duplicated files.

8. Why do you use such long file names anyway?
So that you know as much as you can about the product just by looking at the file.  Obv, the early shite doesn't count, cause I can't tell you what half that crap is anymore.  It's something I got into because filenames that don't tell me what I have in my game put me into a snit.  Look!  My eye's already twitchin'. 

9. When the HELL are you going to finish that ____ that you started for me?!?!
Considering that I have a life right now, my best answer is "I don't know." It will get done when it gets done.  Just remind me.  Politely. 

And hey, maybe I'm done already and I just haven't posted them yet.

10. OK then, when will you get around to posting it?

11. So, what do you do other than this?
Tonnes of stuff.  Maybe I'll write about some of them sometime.

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