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Sims for download - Femmes Edition!

I guess I should make this post now, while the sinusitis isn't kicking my ass quite so hard.

It's time for Sim sharing again-- this time, it's all ladies.

Disclaimer: Now, keep in mind, I've packaged them with the genetics they have in my game. This includes quite a few custom eyes that I made for myself. Funny, nobody else seems to like them much. :/

That said, you don't have to keep the eyes they have, they're really only included so you have a vague idea of what to replace them with. I don't expect you to like or use content I only created for myself (and to my specifications to boot).

Let's start with the older girls:

Young Adults
Sabine Fields
Family sim - Shy, Neat and Nice

All Sabine really wants out of life is a nice house in a quiet neighborhood, safe for raising kids. Oh, and to be a superhero. That's totally normal, though. Right? Her hobbies are reading romance novels and tinkering with the plumbing.
Full face and Profile here

Jola Lilyrose
Popularity sim - Serious, Nice and Active

Jola comes from a large, mysterious family. From them, she developed an interest in nature and learning. She keeps her hair up to hide her pointed ears, although, let's be honest; they're the least striking thing about her appearance.
Full face and Profile here

Giulia Rossi
Popularity sim - Active, Neat and Nice

Giulia particularly likes gardening, and can frequently be found digging in the dirt. She thinks it's upsetting how few people can pronounce her name right. Her grandfather's nickname for her was "Little Cat," and it's not hard to see why.
Full face and Profile here

Heaven Lindemann
Knowledge sim - Serious, Outgoing and Active

In her downtime, Heaven likes to build robots, look through telescopes and play drums in her thrashcore band, the Screaming Cowplants. In her uptime, she wants to know everything about everything.
Full face and Profile here


Joelle Nichols
Pleasure sim - Neat, Active and Playful

Here we see Joelle partaking in one of her favourite hobbies--gossiping. She is a true couch-jumping, bottle-juggling, PJ-wearing Pleasure sim. But if you invite her over for makeouts, and she'll probably also clean.
Full face and Profile here

Dorrie Sokolov
Romance sim - Active, Grouchy and Playful

Dorrie is way more "deck" than you, and she's not afraid of letting you know it. This junior hipster enjoys pranking, raiding her grandmother's closet and liking things before they were cool. She's also a quarter alien, on her father's side.
Full face and Profile here

Safflower Beauclerc
Romance sim - Outgoing, Playful and Grouchy

Don't be fooled by that sweet smile--Saffie's a mean one. Her favourite colour is pink, her favourite activity is kissing, and her favourite subject in school is boys. Playset packaged with everything seen here, for a night of underage drinking, makeouts and Crumplebottom harrassment.
Full face and Profile here

Do Thi Tinh (Please god, if I got her name wrong someone tell me)
Fortune sim - Serious, Neat and Outgoing

Do Thi's dearest dream is to be the richest woman in Sim City. She's a second generation Vietnamese immigrant who inherited her parent's drive to succeed--and then some. Money may not be able to buy happiness, but it sure does make the world go 'round. Her guilty pleasure? Glittery nail polish.
Full face and Profile here

Sarah Flynn
Pleasure sim - Outgoing, Active and Playful

Sarah. Loves. To. Dance. Just give her a relatively flat surface and an even semi-decent beat and she'll treat everyone around her to her signature move, the Jittery Llama Two-Step. With her high Active points, she's going to be on the dance floor all night long. Can you keep up?
Full face and Profile here

Harmonia Glen
Fortune sim - Lazy, Nice and Playful

Unlike her friend Do Thi, Hamonia's more interested in marrying money than earning it herself. That said, she's actually a very nice Sim. She'll tell you herself that she was born in the wrong era, and when you see her sense of fashion, you'll probably believe it. Pretty soon, she intends to start holding interviews for the perfect rich husband--only she'll call it "dating."
Full face and Profile here

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