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Sims for Download: Simself Edition!

Unsurprisingly, the last self-sim I had up here disappeared when my 4shared account exploded, but I needed an update anyway.

Say hello to Hooliesim, everybody!
                 "Sweet merciful Darwin, what are you getting me into?"
Hoolie Sim is a Knowledge/Fortune sim with genetically brown hair and grey eyes. For those of you playing along at home without using the Clean Installer, the right stats are 5-8-4-5-3, which I think lands me firmly into Leo territory, interestingly enough. I don't particularly care myself, but for the purpose of being accurate and/or picky, I'm a Gemini--and it means nothing to me. (But I do so love to be both accurate and picky.)

                  "Is my hair flat? It needs to be flat."
Hoolie Sim is packaged with genetically brown hair and Maxis grey eyes (although I used a different shade here), and a custom remix of a Leh Maxis-match skin I made, which is properly geneticised at a value of 0.07. For reference, Maxis light skin (S1) is inheritable at a value of 0.1. I am whiter than two light bulbs.

Turnons include any two: Black, Red or Custom Hair, Good at Mechanical, Hark Worker, Makeup, Glasses, Witches, and Robots. Yes, robots.
Turnoffs include any one: Blond Hair, Charismatic, Stink, Facial Hair, Unemployed.

                 "Are you ever going to build me a house? Or at least give me a chair?"
My hobbies include Music & Dance, Arts & Crafts, Tinkering, Cooking, Film & Literature and Games, although I'm not real picky about what you make her do. Favourite food is berry pie, favourite colour is green. I like deserts (the sandy kind), learning new skills, and not wearing shoes.

Doll comes with everything seen here (EXCEPT the earrings which I think came with Bon Voyage anyway, and Body Shop doesn't deal with jewelery, annoyingly enough) for a rowdy good time of chasing men AND women, skilling, heavy drinking in that shitty Downtown "goth" club, walking uninvited into people's homes and socially inappropriate pranking.

I hereby release this Sim and their likeness into the community, knowing full well what you might do with and/or to them in your game. All I ask is that the skin is properly credited, since it's the only content I made, excepting the facial sculpt itself. Sims2 is an EA/Maxis product and I hold no legal copyright claim over any content presented herein. All I ask is that you not be a dickspindle. Yes, that is an accepted legal term.
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